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Nadine Dorries threatens to sue sleazy labour cunt Damien McBride.

Go on sue the cunts till they fucking squeak....A Tory MP featured in the ‘smear’ emails sent by Damian McBride welcomed his resignation last night – but warned she may still sue him for defamation.

Nadine Dorries, MP for Mid Bedfordshire, claimed she had been ‘slandered’.

The emails are understood to make highly personal and crude remarks about the 51-year-old backbench MP, which she said last night were ‘100 per cent untrue’.

However, after mounting pressure on the Government left Mr McBride with little choice but to resign, a furious Ms Dorries said it was not enough.

She is demanding a personal apology from the Prime Minister and leaving the door open for possible legal action against the aide.

She said: ‘I’m delighted Damian McBride has gone but it must not deflect attention from the fact that these emails were being sent from the office of the Prime Minister.

‘This wasn’t a spat between bloggers. These emails were part of a dirty tricks campaign orchestrated by Downing Street.

‘Damian McBride was both the political and Press adviser to Gordon Brown, a civil servant and reputedly the Prime Minister’s right-hand man. Yet he used his position to send emails that were salacious, disgusting and wholly untrue about Conservative MPs....

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it's either banned or compulsory said...

Derek, complete this sentence " Everything I say is a lie therefore this statement must be...?"
btw, do please cling on after your holiday, you are so much fun.

Fidothedog said...

Like it. Shovel shall be handed to Derek for him to dig the hole deeper.