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"I wasn't lying on purpose" - Derek Draper, Channel 4 News

From Iain Dale, fuck it made me laugh.

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The Scumbag said...

reminds me of a local joke -
The Ashington branch of the reserve navy have been trying to train dolphins to plant mines onto the sides of enemy ships without sucess - it was "all to nee porpoise"

hat > coat > door

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Fido, I answered your question Re Ian Tomlinson, Thursady 9th.

Great work by GOT !

Dazed and Confused said...

I couldn't be any more delighted that Dolly Drapers inflated ego brought him onto the political blogsphere, where he fully expected to rule the roost.

Isn't it time the Tory party started to employ some of these Libertarians, to go after New Labour politicians in a professional manner?

To the Libertarian Party members and supporters out there... - Hat tip one and all!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the support Fido.

And what a fucking excellent weekend it's been for the blogosphere eh?

Shit loads more to come on this smeargate thing 'cos we must keep up the momentum and I hear that some offensive cunt or other called G.O.T. is about to launch another installment of 'compare-the-smeartwats'.

Happy days!

Fidothedog said...

Got, yep a great weekend and looks like a great month or three to follow as cyclops lurches from crisis to crisis.