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New Labour scum MP's - Thieving your money.

Lesson one, how to get rich quick as an MP: First off ensure that you blag everything on expenses, an I mean every-fucking-thing from your husbands wank films through to tooth brush holders and then amend the rules so that you pay less tax than the Polish woman you employ to clean your ill gained goods.

So how do you do that, quite simple you make sure that as an MP trying to build up lots of property you make yourself immune to stamp duty:
MPs are avoiding stamp duty of more than £10,000 on second and third homes by claiming it back on their parliamentary expenses.

They are claiming it in addition to furnishings and mortgage interest payments for homes they are allowed to keep after leaving parliament. The exemption from one of Labour’s most unpopular taxes is revealed in more than 1m receipts for MPs’ claims due to be published this summer.
So we have a society where if a fisherman lands fish above the quotas, the state can seize his assets, fine them and send them to jail; yet an MP can impose taxes they themselves do not pay and claim to be representing us.

New Labour MP's are utter contemptable scum.

Also New Labour the data base snooper state that wants to look at all your internet activity.

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2 people have spoken:

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Claiming back stamp duty ? Surely not ! Fucking outrageous !

I want a job in the Commons Clerks Dept. so that I can investigate claims of £500+ for credit card slips from Northgate Services that turn out to be " Pussyboy Escorts ", Amsterdam.


Fidothedog said...

Oh to work on rejecting claims. Not one MP would get a sodding penny coin were it down to me.