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Yet more database nonsense: The NHS database.

A swift dof of the cap to Sue at I Hate Jacqui Smith, for this nailing of the latest database cockwhaffle from New Labour:
Doctors are coercing people not to opt out of its controversial programme of uploading all patient health details to a massively interconnected database system. This will mean that your most private health details will be available to all and sundry who work within the NHS structure and perhaps beyond.

Imagine, personal medical data (including details of mental illness, abortions, pregnancy, drug taking, alcohol abuse, fitting of colostomy bags etc etc) are to be uploaded to a central NHS database regardless of patients’ wishes.

There have been many studies made including one by Paul Thornton, who runs a GP practice near Birmingham. He says the “Spine” is dangerous and unnecessary. “A national database is not essential.. other mechanisms exist for the sharing of relevant information between directly involved health professionals…without the need to leave a copy of the information on the nationally accessible database”. He also questions the legality of the database. (media release pdf)

The Daily Mail are reporting that once your record is on the National Database, you will not (under any circumstances) be allowed to have it removed.

They just don't get it. Their government leaks worse than the bloody Titanic. Just look at the many data losses from the NHS and assorted HM Govt departments over the last few years. Now imagine if you will your health records turning up in the public domain.

Now £10 says that some uber-cock of a minister or jobsworth will spout on about how it is all 100% secure, safe and nothing to worry about. 

Famous last words and all that.

Hell I would not put it past these bastards to leak the health data of someone they wanted to discredit. You can just see it now "Oh, whats that you say? He has AIDS, oh do arrange for a leak of that data to The Sun."

Also New Labour the data base snooper state that wants to look at all your internet activity.

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4 people have spoken:

MK said...

Like you said, if they didn't leak like the titanic, they'd have a threadbare case, but that's not the case is it.

A vile pox upon the nanny state.

Fidothedog said...

And a pox upon all the government, although some may well have that all ready.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Spain trusts its citizens to carry their medical records on a memory stick; cheap, secure, portable.


Anonymous said...

How do you opt out?

It says you can opt out!

I suggest we pass this story on and get everyone to phone their GP and let them know in no uncertain terms what we think about it!

Jam the switchboards!