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The so called wisdom of comrade Paul Flynn MP.

At the start of his latest weblog post Paul Flynn MP, states in a bit about rules for backbench MP's:
"Attack opponents only when they are wrong"

Then describes Newport Council as "the Newport Council, which is run by a Tory-Lib-Dems junta.", that would be a junta that was elected by the voters who exorcised their democratic right to vote; who chose to vote out the previous Labour lot who had turned Newport into a socialist do nothing jobs for the boys talking shop for over 20 years.

Still considering Paul Flynn's support for North Korea, his support via EDM's of Fidel Castro it is no wonder he gets a bit confused over what makes a junta and what is a democratic, elected system of government.

Although maybe he is getting to that age, when by the end of his post he can not remember what he wrote at the start.

Remember only attack your opponents when your wrong! 

Paul Flynn who earns a wage of £64K a year, thinks its fine to fleece the public for all this: 

Paul Flynn claimed £7,052 for new kitchen, £1,153 carpets and £1,200 decoration for his London property in 2005, before selling it and moving to a new £275,000 flat. Claims £9,629 in stamp duty and fees
Mortgage interest £215.00, Utilities Water 26.07, Electricity £27,00, Council Tax £89.33, Television service £16.50.

3 people have spoken:

Dazed and Confused said...

I hope you realise that these days, every time you visit his webshyte your doubling his blogging traffic.

To the old Commie - We're all wrong - we're all evil - how dare we not still blindly subscribe to his New Labour project.

Who's gonna top up his pension if you jackboot him from power?

Fidothedog said...

Its called help the aged, especially when their starting to lose the plot...

Odin's Raven said...

I think you meant 'exercised' their rights. Now if only we could find a competent exorcist to send the Labour demons back to hell!