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St George flags banned on "health and safety rules.'

Dozens of the flags were hung from lamp posts in Walton, Liverpool, in celebration of the patron saint of England.
But officials took them down after ruling that no one had sought permission for them to go up – and that they could be a hazard to motorists and other passers-by.
Some locals were outraged.
Patrick Dixon, 69, an ex-serviceman, said: "I was incensed when I saw what the workmen were doing and went straight over to ask why they were ripping the flags down.
"There was a council official, two workmen on a cherry-picker and two policemen standing guard.
"I demanded to know why they were taking down the flags and they told me 'No permission was granted for the flags to be put up and they broke health and safety rules.'
"There are lads fighting and dying for this flag, and some unpatriotic idiot sat behind a desk wants it ripping down."
Liverpool City Council pointed out that similar flags were flying in other districts. However, those in Walton had been erected without permission and without proper fixings to prevent them falling.
A spokesman said: "If people want to put flags on lamp-posts we tell them to get them designed properly and put up with proper fixings.
"Unfortunately in this case that did not happen and an instruction was issued to have the flags removed. Whether it was St George's Day or not is irrelevant."
He added: "We will look at these flags and see if they can be made fit for purpose. If they can go back up, they will go back up."

Fifty notes say that had this been some pagan barbarian festival from some dusty toilet nation in the third world that no officials would have turned up to remove flags, no "permission for them to go up " would be needed and they would be left alone.

Still this shows New Labours hatred of the people of this land who keep failing to give up their culture and traditions to become multicultural socialist clones in the "Cool Britannia".


2 people have spoken:

Old Bag said...

you really couldnt make this kind of story up could you?..thank you for flushing the once great UK down the toilet gordoom you utter wankstain of a cunt.

Fidothedog said...

Aye the eyed fucker has a lot to answer for and one day he will.