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Max Clifford: Jesus wept, say it aint so.

What the fucking hell is all this?:

A TV talent show to find an "ordinary girl" to play Jade Goody in a musical based on her life is being planned, it has been announced.

Goody's ex-business partner Danny Hayward said no deal had been struck with a TV network but that the stage musical would "definitely happen".

Ex-publicist Max Clifford said it was "a wonderful idea that has got very, very strong potential".

Bejesus, fucking class. 
Now I was no fan of Jade whilst she was alive but fucking hell come on. Tell ya what Max, why not just dig her up an flog the bones off on E-Bay, turn a few quid an make a donation to a charity. Lovely.

Maybe Max, you can have a look see if she has a few gold teeth, just don't forget the pliars.

A person whos only use whilst alive was to fill column inches in the papers, giving cheap amusment to the plebs and saving lazy hacks and media types the effort of doing a proper days work.

Fucking bread and circuses and ringmaster Max is making a good living off the gladiators.

Talk about flogging a dead pig...

2 people have spoken:

Old Bag said...

never let it be said that clifford isnt a good pimp. he is still selling his main whore to the highest bidder even as the flesh rots. i fear we have not heard the last of chavscum and wont until that grey haired cunt is in the ground too.

Fidothedog said...

Aye I am surprised he has not joined the Labour party as he is a big enough cunt to easily be one of them.