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Stephen Pound MP - Attacks blogs and wastes his time in The House.

Stephen Pound MP (yes the one in the wig)shows that he is a bit of a tosser quite frankly. 
He has been defending the actions of the New Labour scum but attacking those against New Labour.

The old when in doubt attack routine, he described the Guido blog as “like Popbitch with a blue rosette”, and claimed that smear drives the blogosphere. Well as a piece of the communist New Labour filth he should know.

Adding that the blogosphere is a “world that is utterly unaccountable”. Ah yes, curse that free speech.

Strange how this happens when the PM and others, have had a shit week all told online.

An MP has revealed how bored politicians compete to include Bob Dylan lyrics in Commons debates.

Labour MP Stephen Pound admitted sneaking in song words in a game members call "Commons Bingo". He says another MP tries to sneak in lines from cult film The Blues Brothers.

Mr Pound quoted lyrics by Dylan into debates on capital punishment and dangerous dogs.

He said: "I got 'They're selling postcards of the hanging' (from the song Desolation Row) into a speech."

Well so fucking glad that we taxpayers keep this lazy cunt occupied enough that he has time to focus on lyrics, rather than on doing his overpaid job and focusing on getting the best laws on the statute books. 

Stephen Pound another time serving champagne swilling cunt MP.

Posing with the cheeky girls, still thats his intellectual level.

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