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Proppah Bloggah Tom Watson MP.

The Segway massive, Proppah Bloggah Tom Watson MP. 
This Proppah Bloggah has gone all silent on Twitter?

Maybe he is worrying about something?
The Minister for Digital Engagement, who was the first MP to write a blog and who posts daily updates on Twitter, was conspicuous by his absence from the internet yesterday.

In fact Mr Watson, one of Mr Brown's closest political friends, has not updated his blog since the Daily Telegraph disclosed on Saturday that a dirty tricks campaign against senior Tories was being orchestrated by Damian McBride, the head of planning and strategy at 10 Downing Street. Mr McBride resigned on Saturday.

Mr Watson was not answering telephone calls or replying to emails yesterday. The House of Commons was in recess and he was apparently away from home as part of his Easter holiday.
If Mr Watson was forced from office by the controversy it would be history repeating itself. He was sacked as a junior minister in the autumn of 2006 after he was identified as one of the instigators of a letter written by Labour MPs who came into parliament in the 2001 intake calling on Tony Blair to stand down as Prime Minister.

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