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Worthless PM Gordon forced to apologise.

From the Mail....Gordon Brown was forced to say 'sorry' at the despatch box yesterday when he was confronted by one of the victims of Labour's email smears.

Tory MP Nadine Dorries demanded an apology in the Commons for untrue claims about her private life dreamed up by the Prime Minister's closest aide.

It was the first time the backbencher had come face-to-face with Mr Brown since Number 10 adviser Damian McBride plotted to publish lies about Miss Dorries, David Cameron and George Osborne on a website.

In an orchestrated move **(update at the end of post), no other Tory put themselves forward at Prime Minister's Questions by keeping their seats, forcing the Speaker to call Miss Dorries. Usually dozens stand to try to catch his eye.

Miss Dorries said: 'Would you like to take this opportunity to apologise to me for what happened?'

Mr Brown replied calmly: 'Yes. And I have said sorry this has happened and I have also written to you personally. I think at the same time we should also say that what happened has no part to play in the politics of this country.

'It is wholly unacceptable and inappropriate and that's why we need new rules and procedures to govern the behaviour of political advisers.'

The Prime Minister first expressed only 'regret' in his letter to Miss Dorries and the other Tories, which they claimed did not go far enough. He was then forced to publicly say 'sorry' for the scandal.

The exchange between Mr Brown and Miss Dorries came after the PM was accused of leading the Labour Party to 'moral bankruptcy'.

Oh dear, this story just won't die.
**Update on this. My worthless MP the libel case loser Paul Flynn attempted to spin this on his webshyte today:
The Speaker had no choice but to call Nadine who was intent on embarrassing the PM. It did not work.
Not a mention on what happened previously, ssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhh. Don't mention the plots and smears that started in the PM's bunker.
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it's either banned or compulsory said...

Nice one Nadine, did the cunt also apologise for spelling your name wrong in his written not-an-apolgy to you ?

Oldrightie said...

Nadine might care to visit Oldrightie to see how the world feels about Snotty!