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Jacqui Smith is a cunt - Jacqui Smith jokes.

First some background into the call Jacqui Smith a cunt posts at bastardoldholborn.

The inept one is in the news again.

The botched anti-terrorist operation against a group of Pakistani students suspected of a bomb plot was last night threatening to embarrass the Government for years.

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith is facing an unprecedented inquiry into the raids by Lord Carlile, the independent reviewer of terror laws.

The Home Office is also braced for a lengthy battle to deport the 11 Pakistani students, who were freed without charge.

Anyway some Jacqui Smith jokes from sickipedia.
“Brown defends Smith over film row”
He completely understands why her husband needs to wank.

Jacqui Smith's husband would be sleeping on the sofa tonight but, luckily, they have two houses.

Jacqui Smith was reportedly shocked that her husband viewed pornography, and she wants answers.
She's been advised to take a long, hard look at herself.

Jacqui Smith's husband claiming porn on her expense account isn't corruption, it's compensation.
For someone married to such an ugly frigid cunt, porn is a human right.

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith plans to "shock" youngsters who carry knives.
To be honest, that's the last group I'd be shouting "Boo" to.

Habitat stone kitchen sink - £550
dining room table - £460
sofa bed - £704
reclaimed antique-style fireplace - £1,000
Hotpoint cooker - £399 plus £15 connection
Hotpoint tumble dryer - £189
two washing machines - £550
2 DVD players & 2 Samsung TVs - more than £1,100
Bath plug - 88p
Virgin Media bill which included two porn films - £67
Costs for running your second home - £150,304
For most people, there is hard work
For Jacqui Smith, there are MP's expenses

I feel really sorry for Jacqui Smith: she worked long and hard to get where she is and her husband has tossed it away.

Is that a poll in your pocket, or have you just abused my Parliamentary expenditure?

Jacqui Smiths' husband used expenses to watch porn without her knowing.
She obviously doesn't give a fuck...

I am absolutely horrified by the news that Jacqui Smith's husband has been claiming public money out of MP's expenses to watch pay-per-view pornography.
Has he never heard of the internet?

Richard Timney must be excruciatingly embarrassed, Now the whole world knows that he's married to Jacqui Smith.

It turns out the scandal about Jacqui Smith's husband downloading porn was all a misunderstanding.
She told him to watch a scheduled showing of "Tight Scottish Cunts" because she thought Gordon Brown might be in it.

Jacqui Smith is so enraged with her husband that she's making him spend a couple of nights alone on the sofa.
Sorry, but wasn't it him spending time alone on the sofa in front of the TV that got him in all this mess in the first place?

Jacqui Smith's husband spent £10 on 2 porn movies, so I've heard!
What a disgrace!
It's free on redtube!

Jacqui Smith's expenses are once again under scrutiny after she was found to have claimed £130 for medical expenses.
Apparently the money had been spent on Viagra for her husband. The £30 spent on paper bags has been also been refunded.

Breaking News........ Tory's call for Jacqui Smith's resignation in the wake of a second leaked expenses claim.
A news source has revealed yet another dubious expense claim by the Home Secretary. This new claim is said to have included 2 boxes of Kleenex tissues and a bottle of Stain Devil upholstery cleaner.
"Jacqui Smith has been quoted as saying that she "doesn't give a toss" however she added that she would be "taking her husband into hand as it's all been very messy"

I don't understand the fuss with this Jacqui Smith nonsense. Stephen Milligan's expenses were authorized for stockings, plastic bag, piece of orange and some cord.

I see the big list of things Jacqui Smith has been claiming money back as expenses;
A barbecue
An outdoor patio heater
There's also a 88p bath plug
Well at least that's a bit of our money that's not going down the drain.

Jacqui Smith has move out of her home shared with her husband.
To cheer him up I've sent him a video of my cock via MMS. It's only a short video but I'm sure he can find the funds to buy the full version.

Gordon Brown is defending Jacqui Smith's husband. I mean, I don't blame him - he knows what its like being married to a skank.

London black cab driver & rapist John Worboys was told by the judge that his taxi was to be sold and the proceeds are to go to his victims. Home Secretary Jacqui Smith welcomed the decsion, saying that she'll sell her sink plug and her husband's porn films and see her victims, the taxpayers, get the money for that too!

iTunes knows me too well - it keeps showing me stuff I really want to waste my wife's money on. I bet it has started advertising porn to Jacqui Smith's husband.

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