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8 things I hate meme

1. Cyclops the uber hoon.
2. Kate's unshaven twat Derek Draper.
3. Indian call centres that have agents called "Jim" an try to ask you what sort of day you are having after an hour on fucking hold. 
4. Droning eco wankers.
5. Paul Flynn MP - Newport deserves so much better than this dribbling old hoon.
6. Blair "Babes", the assortment of mange infested old hounds that have clogged up the political system since 1997.
7. PCSO's(Police Community Support Officers) - Unless dog shit inspectors, wasting folks council tax enforcing petty rules. Anyone who believes that we would never have sucked up to Nazi rule had they won WW2, needs to take a look at these fuckers an think again.
8. Chav's, the low level pond scum encouraged to breed by New Labour that spend all day in the pub pissing away the child benefit. Encouraged in this behaviour by piss poor chain JD Chavspoons.

Tags Screech and anyone else who wants to bitch about assorted things an folk.

2 people have spoken:

Old Bag said...

hahaha! you got the tag too!
cool list dear..in agreement!..i just heard that old cunt jackboots and her annoying fucking voice talking on tv..i should have added that old wankwipe to my list...

Mick said...

pcso's patrol round my way, talking to people, building relationships and doing a good job. I never see a "real" copper on patrol, so hats off to the PCSO's.

The police union is always slagging them off, but in reality they're doing what most coppers did 30 years ago.