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Ronnie Campbell - I was caught and so have "given" back £6000 I stole earlier.

Ronnie "Bad skin" Campbell hands back stolen cash and pleads with the plebs to keep his worthless gravy train hogging arse in power....
A Labour MP has agreed to repay £6,000 of expenses which he used to buy furniture for his London flat.

Ronnie Campbell, the MP for Blyth Valley, said he should not have used taxpayers’ money to kit out the £290,000 property, which he bought in April 2004.

“We should not be claiming for furniture, we were miles out of order,” he said. “We were wrong, I cannot speak for my colleagues but I am going to do it.”

He has claimed a total of £87,729 for the flat in south-east London since moving in. His first purchases were a DFS leather sofa and pouffe for £1,020 in May 2004.

During the same month, he spent about £190 on kitchenware and curtains from Fenwick and Marks & Spencer in Newcastle, near his main home in Blyth, which he bought with his wife, Deidre, in May 2007.
He went on to claim:
£1,710 on the redecoration of his bathroom;
£807 for a bed, £581 for a television, £80.72 for a steam iron, £169.91 for a microwave and £38.61 for other items from Makro in Washington;
£342 for curtains and rails, £158 for two lampshades and £154 for a quilt from Fenwick in Newcastle;
£269 for furniture from Ilva in Newcastle;
£83 for bath mats from John Lewis in Newcastle;
£57 for a mirror and lights from B&Q in North Shields.
A spokesman for Mr Campbell said all the items had been transported to the capital.

In 2007 Mr Campbell spent another £1,960 on two sofas from John Lewis, Oxford Street. They were delivered to an address in Camberwell, south London, rather than his designated second home.

Looking at him he should have invested some tax payers money in sorting his skin out.
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2 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

Feel sorry for him, what with Eczema, Psoriasis, Dermatitis ? Bollox, that's guilt that is. Corrupt cunt, no wonder his own skin is deserting him.

Fidothedog said...

He reminds me of that infected shapeshifter on DS9!