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Alan Johnson - A typical evil example of a New Labour minister.

Alan Johnson, the Health Secretary, who Cabinet ministers believe will emerge as a leadership candidate if Labour loses the general election.
He has declared that he had become a greater admirer of Mr Brown “the longer I spend looking at him in action close up”.

He said he believed that Mr Brown was “doing the right thing”.

And which way did this fanboy of cyclops vote on the Gurkha's? Well he followed the party line and attempted to fuck them over. Link Lots of talk about morals from him, yet none for those who die for this land?
Lets not forget this is the utter hoon who was planning an army of clipboard wielding health nanny's.
Public health "mentors" will be enlisted by the NHS to offer 'on the spot' advice in their local neighbourhood when they see people smoking, eating or drinking too much.....The Government hopes that the volunteers will help to get across its messages on healthy living in a new and influential way but the plans have been criticised as evidence of the creeping 'nanny state'.

The wanker who looks after old folk in care homes with a spending money increase of just 75p a week.
Health Secretary Alan Johnson announced that they would have no more than £21.90 a week to pay for everything from clothes to toothpaste, books and phone calls - less than prisoners.
Who stated back in Feb 2000
"The Government's first priority on coming to office was to secure long-term economic stability and put an end to the damaging cycle of boom and bust."
Who is going to take Alan seriously when he has allowed shit like this to happen in the NHS.

Harvey Parry, who lost his legs to meningitis a week after starting to walk, faces a lifetime of uncertainty.

The NHS has threatened to halt part of the two-year-old's treatment because his parents plan to buy him a new set of legs through a private healthcare company.

Ever since doctors had to amputate both legs and part of his right hand in March 2007, the NHS has been trying to find suitable replacement legs.

Or maybe this: link

A terminally ill cancer patient has claimed she is being "cheated" out of NHS care because she wants to pay privately for a breast cancer drug.

Debbie Hirst, from Carbis Bay, Cornwall, said she was told by the Royal Cornwall Hospital that if she pays for the drug Avastin, her free NHS treatment will stop.

Or even this: link

A Grandmother whose free NHS treatment was withdrawn because she paid privately for anti-cancer drugs has died.

Yesterday Linda O'Boyle's husband condemned the policy behind the decision and said it had made his dying wife's last months even more stressful.

Mrs O'Boyle, 64, had been receiving state-funded treatment - including chemotherapy - for colon cancer.

But when she took cetuximab, a drug which promised to extend her life but is not available on the NHS, her health trust made her start paying for her care

The blood is on Alan's hands and all who voted for New Labour filth.

Still Alan who pocketed a cool £111,021 in expenses for 2006/07, cares not a jot. A statist who is happy for the very patients he is ultimately in charge of, to die thanks to policies he helped to bring in. A freedom hater who thinks that we all need ID cards.

The sort of bloke who can bleat on about rights for hours yet thinks that anyone who has a touch of the tarbrush about them should be locked up for 42 days, after all you never know what they might do?

Alan Johnson one who should do the world a favour and step out in front of a bus.

3 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

Alan Johnson here is a man who was against the smoking ban and with a bit of gentle persusation to toe the party line now thinks its the best thing since sliced bread.

This Incompetent is also responsible for ensuring that Chase farm Hospital in North London will have its accident and emergency department closed even though residents have been fighting for years to keep it open.

This man should not be allowed to hold any positions of power, he will also have blood on his hands as people are going to die because of his hospital cut backs.

Chalcedon said...

"The blood is on Alan's hands and all who voted for New Labour filth."

Agreed. And any who vote for these bastards again at the next election.

Oldrightie said...

It's Labour and socialism. It's in their DNA to be utter fuckwits.