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Ann Widdecombe - Who shall mow my lawn the cat?

The first thing you are asked to say when you are going in front of a selection meeting to be adopted as a parliamentary candidate is that you are going to live in the constituency. Since you are also going to spend 60 per cent of your time in London, this means you are going to have to have two homes.

No, fucking commute. Jesus cunting wept. Book into a fucking hotel if needs be but no fucking way do we the taxpayers have to pay for you(or any MP) to have a 2nd home. 

On an on she go's yet another overpaid, we deserve the cunting expenses member of The House. 

This bit gets me, an it is just so telling of the attitude of  this new upper class, the self serving MP:
When you are spending most of your time in London, you have to pay for someone to cut the grass. Who else was going to cut my grass? The cat? The cat did not even live in my second home.
Okay, now no one cut my fucking lawn in my house if I was there or not. That was down to me. Same go's for you Ann, you are paid something called a wage. Around £64k a year, enough to enploy some local to run a fucking flymo across the lawn once a month.

Oh fuck off Ann, seriously just fuck off.
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2 people have spoken:

Catosays said...

Do you know what? I was reading this in a Welsh accent. And before you chunder off, my Mam came from New Tredegar, look you

Old Bag said...

i second your comment dear: FUCK OFF ANN YOU TROUGHING CUNT!..cut your own fucking grass, thats what weekends are for.