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Mark Lazarowicz is a dull, dim witted cunt bubble.

Right so lets get the thought process of this MP right: He is innocent, hands back money just in case and now wants money back....So why hand it over if he did nothing wrong?......An MP who agreed to repay £2,675 of expenses said that he may have "over-reacted" by returning the money.

Labour's Mark Lazarowicz said the "hysterical atmosphere in Westminster" - sparked by a string of disclosures about MPs' expenses - may have led to his decision.

Earlier this week the backbencher pledged to repay £2,675 of expenses he had claimed for legal and professional fees.

The sum is half of what the Edinburgh North and Leith MP claimed for fees in connection with his London flat.

And, while he said the claim was in accordance with the rules, he announced that he would pay some of the money back because the fees were "much higher than many of the public would be prepared to accept".

But yesterday Mr Lazarowicz said that he had possibly over-reacted.

He said the "general response" was that his claim "pales into insignificance against some of the things that have come out".

What a dull fucking cunt. Even if you vote Labour, at least vote for a brighter cunt than this fucker. 
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3 people have spoken:

The Wild Man of the Highlands said...

In Edinburgh back in the Eighties when he was NuLieBore councillor, he was known as the Slaverin' Pole*.

Says it all, really.

* For English readers, slavering means talking absolute shite.

Fidothedog said...

Wild Man, spot on. No wonder Labour is fucked with arseholes like him in it.

Old Bag said...

words fail me. can there be a bigger cuntnut than this tool?