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Anyone but John Bercow MP for speaker.

Guido make the case based on Tory MP John Bercow's expensive expenses.
Fair enough, we really don't need another troughligate piggy diving deep into the taxpayers pockets, year on year.

After all it took long enough to remove the fat slug who held the post previously.

But when a complete and utter contemptable shit like Tom Harris, starts a crowing about John, you know the warning lights are a flashing. Throw the libel case losing old commie Paul Flynn, who is also carping on about John on his webshyte and that's me decided that John has to be a bad fucking choice.

After all this is Paul Flynn who thinks North Korea is a nice place, who supports Fidel and even put in an EDM about how we needed tsunami defences. Seriously mad as a box of senile snakes.

Tory Bear has a bit on him and this rather nifty "not wanted" poster that I have crossposted. John Bercow is lining up the expenses he can charge to the taxpayer already, add to that he is little more than a New Labour clone in Tory clothing, hardly the best choice for this role.

One slug is gone from that office, we don't need another thanks.

Let the people vote for the post of speaker: not party machines looking for someone who will talk softly on reform and keep the expenses for bathplugs, lawns being gardens being maintained and porn films going through.

2 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

Bercow? Isn't it supposed to be a Tory this time round?

Isn't it also supposed to be an independent role? Nobody who has witnessed the stomach-churning spectacle of Ratboy smarming and fawning on Brown acrosss the Commons could have any illusion excpet that he would be a Labour rentboy.

What a nauseating concept. I need to go and have a shower.

Fidothedog said...

Yep, I like that one "a Labour rentboy."

Another Tory or Lib Dem but not Borecow.