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Diana Johnson MP - £500 for crockery and a food mixer.

Here we go again, hfucking food mixers an kitchen equipment now.
Diana Johnson, the MP for Hull North, decided to pay back the money two years after making her claim, and months before MPs’ expenses were due to be made public.

Miss Johnson had earlier insisted that she should be paid £500 for crockery and a food mixer, despite being warned that it could be considered “excessive”.
She told officials that she had a “fairly basic level of subsistence”.

Three years ago, Miss Johnson wrote to the Commons fees office asking permission to remortgage in order to pay for new windows and doors at her Victorian terrace constituency house. Suggesting that the taxpayer pick up the extra costs of her increased mortgage repayments on her second home allowance, she said: “Some of the wood is now soaking wet and rotten.” Officials agreed to her proposal, and a year later she charged the £987 architect’s fee from her expenses.
But after the work was carried out, Miss Johnson appears to have had a change of heart and decided to pick up the bill herself.

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