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The Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan the hoon.

Get this arse gravy from the God botherer...

The “systematic humiliation” of MPs is threatening Britain’s democracy, the Archbishop of Canterbury warns today.

Dr Rowan Williams, writing in The Times, says that the issues raised by the expenses scandal are grave and that urgent action is required.

“But many will now be wondering whether the point has not been adequately made," he says. "The continuing systematic humiliation of politicians itself threatens to carry a heavy price in terms of our ability to salvage some confidence in our democracy.

Look Rowan you twat, its quite simple. MP's are paid to do a job, not to fleece the public like some mafia style scam, where everyone knows whats going on an keeps quiet.

Now you may live in some fancy palace with a huge sodding wage in return for having to work on a Sunday, removed from all reality. The rest of us, over-fucking-regulated, taxed to buggery and nannyed to sodding death by these self same thieving wankers are more than a little fucked off.

Fuck off Rowan.

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