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Labour scum MP Khalid Mahmood stayed at five-star hotel with his girlfriend

Khalid Mahmood, a Labour MP, claimed hundreds of pounds to stay at a five-star hotel in London with his girlfriend and charged the taxpayer on his second home allowance.

The politician spent nine nights at The Bentley in Kensington over a four-week period in 2004, claiming a total of £1,350.

The hotel, part of the Waldorf Astoria Collection, was described in one review as a “riot of gold, marble, and silk, with staff who are more like servants”.

The MP for Birmingham Perry Barr used the hotel as his second home after separating from his partner Nasim Akhtar, with whom he shared a house in Wembley.
Mr Mahmood, 47, checked in with Elaina Cohen, then his girlfriend, under the names “Mr Khaled and Eleine Mahmood”.
Miss Cohen, a parliamentary assistant, separated from Mr Mahmood last year. Last month she accused Mahmood Hussain, a Labour councillor, of not supporting her attempts to become a fellow Birmingham city councillor because she was “too white and too Jewish”.

I wonder if he will be playing this card?
During their stay at the Bentley, the couple ordered room service breakfast, Evian water from the minibar and used the hotel telephone but charged only the cost of the accommodation.
Mr Mahmood claimed a further five nights at The Bentley last year at £175 a night, a total of £1,225

In the expenses files seen by The Daily Telegraph, Mr Mahmood submitted four months of claims in 2004 without providing a second address. Yesterday he said he had been living at the house in Wembley with Miss Akhtar and had given the Fees Office his mortgage statement.
Another thieving bastard of an MP.

2 people have spoken:

Oldrightie said...

Evian water my arse. Coke and booze, more like. Since these people were embraced by our establishment standards of propriety have plummeted in inverse proportion to their arrogance.

Fidothedog said...

I am sure the booze would go down well with his local molsem voters.