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Bananaman Milicunt hires a private jet.

Oh I do hope that the cunt crashes...FOREIGN Secretary David Miliband is to waste hundreds of thousands of pounds on a private jet to whisk him around the world.

As recession-hit Britain struggles under the weight of historic debt, Mr Miliband plans to travel in FIVE-STAR LUXURY rather than take scheduled flights. It means flying him to the US and back just once could cost £250,000.

A spokesman, defending the extravagant move, complained: "Unlike other countries, we don't have a Foreign Office plane."

Today we expose the VANITY and INSANITY of Miliband's decision to hire a private jet.

We can reveal the minister has ordered his minions to find him a luxury Gulfstream or Learjet plane to be on standby to whisk him away on official trips abroad at a moment's notice.

**Out of touch champagne swilling socialist pigs the lot of them. Whilst workers lose their jobs, their homes and families are destroyed by their policies they jet around in private jets.

Cunts, utter fucking cunts one and all of them.

Oh and lastly guess who was absent on the Gurkha's vote? Another Milicunt banana skin.

2 people have spoken:

Old Bag said...

"Cunts, utter fucking cunts one and all of them."
couldnt have put it better myself, fido. and Nulabore are supposed to be a "ecologically" friendly party too..nice carbon footprint, milinana, you epic wankstain.

Oldrightie said...

I suspect the little runt wants it available to flee the angry public carrying reels piano wire.