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Labour MP 'claimed sauna on expenses'

No doubt he has had a few rent boys in that all well, all of whom were named "John Lewis" so they could go on expenses as well....
One Labour MP is said to have claimed the cost of building a sauna on his second homa allowance, insisting that a skin condition made it necessary for him to have regular sessions at his home. The unnamed parliamentarian would have left taxpayers with a bill of thousands of pounds.

A Commons source said: "Jacqui Smith claimed for her husband's porn films and an 88p bath plug but to claim for installing a sauna would be absolutely breathtaking."

Party leaders have been told to plan for possible by-elections when full details of all MPs' claims are published for the first time in July amid suggestions that some are so outrageous they could lead to resignations.

You can almost imagine Labour MP's discussing claims: MP 1: "So what does being fisted by a rent boy come under?"...
MP2: "Section 12 - Subsection 4 Covering up affairs."

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