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Barry Sheerman MP & hard working hoon.

Quote of the day on expenses by Barry Sheerman, who retorted back on a remark that MP's were seen as crooks:
“You are making me very angry because you haven’t said one good thing about parliamentarians, the hard work we put in!”
“Come on! Please! Say something good about our colleagues.”
Well a turd sandwich is exactly that even if it does dress itself up as an MP. What with the food allowances, travel allowances, patio heaters, cable packages, websites, even down to porn films and bathplugs.

So lets have a look at the Rt Hon. Barry Sheerman MP, he voted to keep his greedy paws on the 2nd home allowance. He also voted for detaining folk with a dusky skintone for 42 days.

This fine upstanding member also voted with cyclops Brown against letting in the Gurkha's. 

If that is an example of the "hard work" he put in, well I for one want my money back.

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