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BBC telly tax to go up.

Nearly missed this one, what with all the graft an sleaze from the politicians.
...the Tories lost the vote to revoke the Communication Regulation 2009 motion last night. 156 MPs backed the motion but 374 MPs approved the 2 per cent increase in the licence fee.
Speaking after the vote, John Whittingdale, the chairman of the Commons culture, media and sport select committee, said: "Although £3 doesn't seem like a huge amount of money, the BBC cannot be treated in isolation from the rest of broadcasting sector. Every broadcaster is under pressure, and the huge amount of money the BBC enjoys above any other broadcaster is distorting the market."

Mr Mullin, one of the 0.5 per cent of the population who still have a black and white set, bills taxpayers each year for the discounted cost of his licence.
Sell off the BBC, hell if they produced anything worthy of watching it might be worth a fraction of its fee but as it stands it is shit.

Oh and strip MP's of all their perks and let the bastards pay the same taxes we have to - including the telly poll tax. Then and only then will we see proper political reform in this nation.

3 people have spoken:

Oldrightie said...

Propaganda ain't cheap, ask Jimmy Snotty.

Fidothedog said...

Thing is if the BBC did not piss away millions and fail utterly in even reporting stories, then it would not be so bad.

Hell an we have the Balen report into their bias against Israel, buried by the BBC.

subrosa said...

Missed it myself fido. Of course the BBC intend to start charging for iPlayer too.