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Natascha Engel - Needs a £2000 sofa in order to do her job as an MP.

Another Blair hound shows she is just another socialist bitch on heat for taxpayers money....Natascha Engel, a back-bench Labour MP, claimed thousands of pounds for furniture, champagne flutes and other household items, including a £2,000 sofa.

She disclosed her own claims after deciding that some constituents would find them unacceptable and has organised a series of meetings for her constituents to judge whether she should stand down.

Miss Engel, a Labour backbencher, claimed £117.50 in October 2005 to pay for ten copies of the DVD from the Parliamentary Recording Unit showing her first speech since being elected in that year's General Election.

Miss Engel, who has said she wants her constituents to judge whether her expenses are justified, also claimed £12 for a copy of Thomas Mann's Nobel Prize winning novel, The Magic Mountain

In November 2005 she charged the taxpayer for a set of socialist history posters to decorate her office. Miss Engel claimed £28.95 on her office expenses for the material, bought by mail-order from the People's History Museum in Manchester.

They included reproductions of historic posters, including "Women vote Labour", "Labour Clears The Way" and "Women Workers".

She also claimed for a set of May Day greetings cards to celebrate workers' day and a set of cards by the 19th century artist Walter Crane, entitled "Solidarity of Labour".

These were delivered, along with the posters, to her constituency office in the Derbyshire village of Eckington.

Miss Engel claimed for the costs of all the items under her Incidental Expenses Provision (IEP) which is designed to cover the costs of running her office.

Miss Engel is one of the MPs who offers the least value for money when her work in Parliament is compared to her expenses claims.
Despite attending only a third of votes, speaking in only 14 debates and submitting just four questions to Ministers, she claimed a total of £149,621 in expenses for travel, home, office and staffing.

On being elected Miss Engel bought an £1,800 television, a £2,900 sofa and a £1,950 bed.
The fees office docked her payments to the maximum £750 each allowed for the television and bed and £2,000 for the sofa.

She also bought a dishwasher, fridge freezer, washing machine, microwave and kettle, at a total cost of £1,666, which was paid in full.

Miss Engel was also reimbursed hundreds of pounds for expensive kitchenware, including six champagne flutes at a cost of £30 each, a £13.90 Nigella Lawson kitchen herb chopper and a £79.99 "mobile cool box" to drive her groceries from London to Derbyshire.

Last night Miss Engel said: "The maiden speech DVDs were requested by constituents, but that is not a justification. The charge for the posters was to decorate our new office.

Champagne flutes, just perfect for a champagne socialist.

2 people have spoken:

Blind Pugh said...

Shove the sofa up her greedy grasping cunt and set fire to it and watch the bitch burn. Then torch the rest of the thieving bastards in the House of Commons.

Fidothedog said...

Blind, a good idea but I would take all their stolen assets, sell them all off and jail the MP's.

Take everything they own, 2nd homes, cars, bank accounts, even the shirt off their back.