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Brian Jenkins MP - A bully and typical example of New Labour scum.

How an MP makes himself look like a cunt in record time.....A Labour MP was accused of ‘bullying’ yesterday for threatening to sue a 21-year-old student who criticised him for not backing the Gurkhas.

Warren Clegg, a member of the Territorial Army, received the threat in a letter from his MP Brian Jenkins.

It was hand-delivered to Mr Clegg’s mother Julie Steggles at their home in Tamworth, Staffordshire – two days after her soldier husband John, Mr Clegg’s stepfather, had left to serve with the Army in Afghanistan.

Mr Jenkins, writing on House of Commons notepaper, said: ‘You have damaged my good name. It is my intention to seek legal redress unless you able [sic] to prove your allegations or are prepared to fully retract the offending comments and apologise unreservedly.’

In a letter two weeks ago to his local newspaper, Mr Clegg said: ‘I wrote to Mr Jenkins in support of the Gurkhas; as usual, my opinion as one of his constituents did not warrant a response.’

He said Mr Jenkins had ‘voted to keep the Gurkhas in poverty’ by not agreeing to let them settle in the UK.

Mr Jenkins claimed Mr Clegg had never written to him about the Gurkhas. He said Mr Clegg had written to him about Gaza, and that he had replied.

But Cambridge University student Mr Clegg said: ‘I have a copy of my letter to Mr Jenkins on my computer.

I have never written to him about Gaza. I don’t see I have anything to apologise for.’

Mrs Steggles said: ‘The letter has a bullying tone. It is an unacceptable way for an MP to behave and I have written to Gordon Brown to complain.’

Mr Jenkins could not be contacted last night.
So lets have a look at some of his previous votes, Mr Jenkins voted to keep fleecing the taxpayers when he voted to keep the cushy 2nd home allowance.
Oh and thinks that we all need ID cards and should be tagged like beef cattle. As an MP he will be able to recoup the cost of his ID card on expenses, just saying is all.

Update some bit of shit Liebour cuntcillor called Bob "gurning cunt" Piper, is getting ready to pop ol' Brian's cock in his mouth with this attack entitled sue the arse off him Brian.

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