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Compare and contrast: MP's & Fisherfolk.

First up we have the grafting MP's, who I have been insulting each an every day. Well me and the rest of the media/internet that is.

Today we have had this useless pair of fucking wankers step down. The usual cockwaving excuses, deep regrets, all within the rules, done nothing wrong etc etc. Fuck 'em. Seriously the odious pair of cunts are laughing at the lot of us.

Had they a scrap, just a scrap of moral decency they would do the correct thing. This is get plastered and then remove themselves from the gene pool with a service revolver.
They still have their jobs, have recieved nothing more than some work style "verbal warning", they will leave and collect a mother-fuckingly huge pension at the end of it, payment for all their "service" to the state. 

They and every other MP mentioned has escaped, not a one of them has been arrested as yet. 

Not one has faced their assets being seized by Soca – which last year replaced the Assets Recovery Agency, after it had spent £65 million to recover £23 million –which assumes that if someone has benefited from the proceeds of crime for more than six months, they are living "a criminal lifestyle". Everything they own can then be deemed to have derived from criminal activity.

Does anyone see the prospect of corrupt MP's following in the footsteps of Jonathan Aitken an doing some prison time? Me neither.
Then compare that with the treatment of us normal folk who break the rules.

I mentioned on this post the case of  Charlie & Charles Mcbride. Fishermen hauled up for  misidentifying catches of fish for which they had no quota under EU rules
...Their assets were thus valued at more than £1 million, including their boat and homes (valued at the height of the property boom). On this basis Judge Nigel Gilmour not only imposed on them fines of £385,000 – infinitely more than the value of the fish they had wrongly declared – but ruled that all their assets should be frozen as "proceeds of crime", even though the home and boat had been bought before the offences were committed. He also told the men that, unless they paid the fines within six months, they would go to prison for up to three years.

At their wits' end as to how to raise the money, the two McBrides negotiated a second mortgage on their homes. Charlie McBride presented Soca with £120,000, asking that it should be taken as a down-payment on the fine until he had somehow found the rest. The agency asked how he had come by the money and, when told that it came from remortgaging his house, told him that he would be charged with contempt of court because the house was a "frozen asset".
The original post by Christoper Booker is here.

When and only when the assets of MP's are seized, when they are arrested for fraud, criminal deception and plain old theft. When they lose not only their home, but the second home and the villa on the Costa-Del-Crime.

When the huge plasma telly, the bookcases, duck home, moat, electric gates, hell even Jacqui Smith's bathplug are siezed as proceeds of crime and MP's turfed out onto the streets in just the clothes they wear. Then and only then will we see some reform.

Hell screw that, take the fucking shirt off their backs; hell they have had ours!

One final point, anyone else remember these same MP's baying about Sir Fred and his pension? If not here is a little reminder from Harriet Harman MP.
Just look at the terms she threw about and compare that with our Rt. Hon. members:
  • "money for nothing".  - Sounds like an MP.
  •  ...he should agree to waive some of the cash, saying this was the most "honourable" thing to do.  - Some MP's have started handing money back.
  • "Sir Fred Goodwin should not count on being £650,000 a year better off because it is not going to happen,"  - MP's are keeping quiet on their state funded pensions.
  • "And it might be enforceable in a court of law, this contract, but it is not enforceable in the court of public opinion and that is where the government steps in."  - Will government be stepping in to remove stolen goods/money?
I am annoyed and off for a beer, sadly unlike them, I can not put that on the £400 a month food allowance we pay these scum.

2 people have spoken:

scunnert said...

Good post. Absolutely agree - if it's good enough for the fishermen then it's damn well good enough for the thieving scum.

Fidothedog said...

Aye, SOCA the fucking lot of them. Throw the bastards naked onto the street.

Well aside from Prescott obviously, no way do the neighbors want to see him in the nip.