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David "It was an error" Kidney MP

Excuses time....An MP said he has repaid £2,450 after mistakes were made with his expenses.
David Kidney, Labour MP for Stafford, said the error came to light after he published his expenses on his website.

Mr Kidney said his council tax had been paid three times in error by the Parliamentary Fees Office and his water bill twice.

He said he was unaware of the office's errors and felt he had been let down. The fees office has apologised for the error.

Well that happens when under a system like ours, money is thrown at MP's with little or no checking.

But and this is the main point, why should an MP be getting his council tax paid anyway? 

What with the £64K a year they get, throw in travel allowances, food allowance and 2nd home allowance of £24K; these bastards are not short of a few quid.

We all have to pay our taxes, should not the law makers also have to pay them. Were that the case, they might have more interest in council/government waste and an interest in lowering the bills for everyone including themselves.

As for Kidneys claim this was a mistake, well I for one think that is bollocks.

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