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Derek Wyatt - £1446 on mortgage interest and £2083 on cleaning.

Champagne socialism & scotch eggs....The Labour MP for Sitting bourne and Sheppey in Kent, a former rugby union player, nominates as his second home a flat near Westminster. He has claimed the maximum Additional Costs Allowance in each of the past four years, currently charging £1,446 a month in mortgage interest payments.

In 2007-8, the last year for which full results are available, he also submitted claims for £2,083 on cleaning costs(is he not able to push a hoover about his home himself?) and £1,370 on food(despite getting a wage of £64K a year).

However, last year he put in supermarket till receipts to back up a £81.39 claim for food that disclose his tastes are slightly less extravagant than other members whose expenses have been examined by The Telegraph over the past week.

One Tesco receipt from May 2008 shows that he spent 75p on two scotch eggs and £1.79 on five mini pork pies. Another one from the following month discloses that he spent £1.90 on an individual pork pie.

Mr Wyatt’s basket also included two 1.25-litre bottles of Diet Coca-Cola and a block of organic chocolate. The rest of his shopping was more healthy, however, including two boxes of muesli, bananas, apple juice, pineapple juice, milk and “healthy cheese”.

Until recently, MPs were allowed to claim as much as £400 a month under their second home allowance for food without submitting receipts.

They can now claim a flat-rate sum of £25 for subsistence for “any night which a Member spends away from his or her home on parliamentary business”.

Mr Wyatt, who had a majority of just 79 at the last general election, publishes details of his expenses on his website.

Last month, before the full scandal broke, he wrote: “Second homes are part of the job we do and we shouldn’t be cowed by the media about this as without them we couldn’t function.

“We should be able to claim for an interest-only mortgage (or rent or a hotel), rates, utility bills and insurance.”

He was last seen headed for the trees, curly tail in the air as he rooted about for truffles, or maybe a scotch egg or two. Oink, oink, oink.

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Houdini said...

he also submitted claims for £2,083 on cleaning costs(is he not able to push a hoover about his home himself?)That's cheap. it cost that cunt Brown £6500 for six months cleaning of a flat.

MK said...

What a rort, i'm surprised you Brits aren't stringing these vermin up from lamp posts. They certainly deserve it.