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Mark Thomas postcards to the Queen.

A doff the trilby to Dizzy for this one:
The left wing "comedian" Mark Thomas, has started a campaign urging his fan and followers to send a message to the Queen with the postcard below.

Fair enough, each to there own an all that. But I shall point out that I have had turds that are funnier than Mark Thomas.
So I figured it was time to plan some celebrations of my own an so a quick trip over to the Mailmaker gave me this one.
 Now this is the headline I would love to see in the Mail. Oh and I could not let this pass without mocking that slack jawed inbred cunt Jacqui Smith.
Come on Jackboot hurry up an die, we want to hold a street party before pissing on your grave. 
Oh an we can not leave the over rated Mark Thomas out now, an so a quick reworking of the Scum tabloid.

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