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Don Touhig - Poacher turned poacher.

Don Touhig uber hoon and champagne socialist....The head of the committee that has been charged with overhauling the Commons expenses system, Don Touhig, spent thousands of pounds redecorating his constituency home before “flipping” his allowance to a flat in London.

Mr Touhig, a member of the Privy Council, led the Labour backbench revolt last July that threw out proposals for a full external audit of MPs’ expenses and an end to the “John Lewis list”.

He now chairs the members’ allowances committee, which will decide if MPs had broken any rules and whether “flipping” should be banned.

Mr Touhig’s expenses claims under the additional costs allowance scheme show that he spent more than £2,500 on refurbishing his home in Gwent. He claimed £525 for painting and decorating the hallway, landing and stairway in November 2006 and another £715 on remedial work to the house, including waterproofing the joists.

Mr Touhig also claimed for eight leylandii bushes, with compost and bark, worth £240 in 2006. He sought another £40 for someone to plant the trees. However, the claim was turned down in the same month.

On Aug 30, 2006, an official in the fees office wrote to him saying: “The Department of Finance and Administration is unable to allow claims relating to garden plants as this does not fall within the remit of this allowance.”

The rules state that only “basic garden maintenance is allowed, but plants, shrubs, flowers, hanging baskets or other decorations” are not. Mr Touhig’s entry in the additional costs allowance showed that, six months later, in April 2007, he “flipped” his allowance to a new flat in Westminster.

Land registry documents show that Mr Touhig, 61, the MP for Islwyn in Gwent, bought the flat just behind Westminster Abbey for £375,000 the following month, although he did not charge the cost of the acquisition to the taxpayer.

Mr Touhig’s submissions to the fees office also disclose that he claimed a total of £1,325 on food at his second homBolde when MPs were on holiday. Mr Touhig also claimed £600 for food in August/September 2005, £600 for food in August/September 2006 and £150 in September 2007.

Mr Touhig said that he did not believe that the redecorating “enhanced the value of the property”.

really then explain this Don? Oh how he made a few pennies from the sale of his flat....
‘made the windfall profit on his Westminster flat which was bought in 1998 and sold for more than double the amount in 2007.’ Touhig sold the flat last year for £305,000. Records do not show how much he paid for the property which he is understood to have claimed as his “second home”
He followed this up with a statement saying that he also had a firm belief that the moon was really green cheese.

I have covered this grasping champagne socialist before here, where I pointed to his being paid an extra £14,039 a year on top of his £63,291 salary to chair the eight-strong panel on MP expenses once a month.

Just the sort of chap needed to oversee corrupt, lying, evil to the fucking core MP's. As pure as the driven snow is the cunt Don Touhig.
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