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Eurovision song contest time.

Its Eurovision time( next weekend) - even as someone who is suspicious of anything from those strange places across the water that speak assorted forms of barbarous babble; I happen to like Eurovision. 

The strange ways that all those East European places seem to really like each others songs no matter how out of tune they sound. Must be a cultural thing.

The cynical approach of Terry Wogan who seems to be under the illusion that there is some rigging of votes and an old boy network going on. Tsk. 

I shall be sat down to watch the strange dancing and bizarre behaviour of our continental friends, whilst the UK's entry gets a royal rogering in the ratings.

A few beers will be consumed and much fun shall be had listening to odd tunes.
Eurovision Song Contest - Moscow 2009 Preview Player
Odd on we finish behind the odd sounding ditty from Azerbaijan. 

2 people have spoken:

Old Bag said...

i bet some obscure former eastern block country wins. its become something of a tradition for the UK to lose.but then, all of our songs are usually shite.

Damon Lord said...

Armenia has an entry with some interestingly ethnically costumed dancers. Sweden has a power-opera ballad, Iceland's Blonde singer does a good job, and Portugal has drawn the short straw and this year is forced to be the one act that has the mandatory accordion.

More Eurovision fun on BBC3 at 8pm on Thursday for the semi-finals, part two!