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Foreign stand-in GP Daniel Ubani, leaves two patients dead.

From the Mail...A foreign doctor who flew in to provide out-of-hours GP care is at the centre of a police and NHS inquiry into the deaths of two patients in one day.

Daniel Ubani was working his first-ever shift in Britain after travelling from Germany to improve his 'earning capabilities'.

Exhausted after only three hours' sleep, he killed 70-year-old kidney patient David Gray by injecting him with ten times the maximum recommended dose of morphine.

Yesterday the Daily Mail learned that, hours later, an 86-year-old woman died of a heart attack after being given medication by the Nigerian-born doctor.

Despite the inquiries, however, it seems unlikely that Ubani will face British justice. He has already admitted Mr Gray's manslaughter before a German court and received a suspended sentence, meaning he cannot be tried again under the double jeopardy rule.

And the Crown Prosecution Service has already decided not to bring charges in the case of the 86-year-old woman.
**New Labour claim the NHS is safe in their hands, whilst they employ 2nd rate witch doctors I for one will pray I don't fall ill any time soon.

4 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

This is true.... why the hell import incompetence and attach it to your health system, when you guys can quite significantly breed murderers, paedophiles, sexual abusers in many guises from Health support worker to Doctor.

That Which Doctor should be hung…..two!! Is that all he could manage! He has nothing on your Shipman, Stevenson, those lovely nursing homes....the inability to give people with mental and physical disabilities valorisation but sexual and violent abuse in it's place.

Yes those damn them foreigners bringing this country down....…their not even trying…!

Anonymous said...

Well said, Oleunna, but can the person who posted this actually understand your witty comments? I doubt it.
This Doctor's errors were due to his tiredness and lack of direction by his employers, not his nationality (German) or his ethnicity. I think you, Lone Voice, should be ashamed for believing that an African medical doctor is the same as a witch doctor.
Mistakes and negligence by Doctors always happen, regardless of race. I'm sure you've seen white doctors make mistakes. And Shipman the mass murderer was white. Should all white doctors be branded mass murderers?
Are you part of UKIP? In that case , please join the BNP instead.

KG said...

Oh yes, let's by all means excuse this asshole's incompetence on the grounds of tiredness and the fact that there are also incompetent white doctors...
And that gets us exactly..where? Should we excuse murderers on the grounds that there have been worse murderers? (after all, any individual woud be hard-pressed to equal Stalin's record).
And the fact that he's black quite likely does have a bearing on the case--speaking as one who works 'in the business' I know that standards have been relaxed in order to recruit doctors and nurses from countries which have both lower standards and very poor credential-checking mechanisms.

Fidothedog said...

Labour have a lot to answer in hiring doctors with low standards from abroad.

He should face charges here but the GMC and others lack the bottle to push that.

My only thoughts are with the people he killed through his poor training and lack of professional attitude, lack of "duty of care".

Meanwhile he walks away and no doubt will be going into private practice elsewhere.