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Jackboot backs cyclops.

Dim witted Home Secretary Jacqui Smith has become the latest cabinet minister to come to Gordon Brown's defence, amid continuing speculation about his leadership.

She said he was "right" for the country and said she expected him to remain PM until - and after - the next election.

Plus she also announced a published list of folk who have been barred from entry into the UK in the six months leading up to March this year. Apparently, the UK has been able to ban those who engage in terrorism, serious criminal activity or 'promote hatred'.

All well and good but a tad pointless as we have more than enough irate mullahs over here already. 

Now if she could maybe resolve the issues of knife crime, sort out her expenses, keep her hubby away from the pay-per-view grumble flicks we might start getting somewhere.

Still bless her, she does provide some fine entertainment in a bovine faced, inbred, slack jawed, expense fiddling, porn film claiming, 2 home living, fat arsed, kebab eating, foot in mouth sort of way.

Oh and of course I shall have to finish by calling her a cunt. 
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Hat tip to the-red-rag for this one.


4 people have spoken:

ConstantlyFurious said...

She said he was "right" for the country and said she expected him to remain PM until - and after - the next electionLabour lose by a landslide and McDoom is still Prime Minister?

Actually, you wouldn't be amazed, would you? Quick bit of legislation, ram it through the House of Lords, Toynbee et al applaud brave new initiative and voila! Prime Minister for life.

Dr. Dave said...

I see she's named 16 people "banned" from the UK, including our Michael Savage, for extreme views.

I wonder why she didn't ban herself?

Ollie Cromwell said...

Now out on Video

Old Bag said...

oh how nice of jackboots to not let 16 cunts into the country but allowed thousends more in?..she really is a cunt to end all cunts...fucking brilliant vid..she needs those weapons shoved up her ginormous ass.