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I spy with my glass eye.

The Mail Online is doing a very long article which goes on and on an on an on about Cyclops, the prop er loving comrade wife Sarah, the death of his daughter in 2002 and his two boys who were born after - all to be bundled up in a book being launched in a few weeks.

Will the book be called- Courage 2: Not using the wee bairns as political props unlike the evil David Cameron?
Then we have this where Gordon stated
"his determination to keep his young children out of the limelight."
I thought he was spending all his time saving the world and resolving all the evil problems that started in America. Not that he mentioned them starting in America when he visited Obama, just saying is all.

Do have a read on how Gordon is keeping the wee bairns out of the limelight, its enough to bring a tear to ones glass eye.

4 people have spoken:

Houdini said...

I couldn't give a toss what anyone says, those kids don't look a bit like him, and not her either, so who is the father?

Anonymous said...

Someone who is obviously attractive,for a start,so rules him out,the worst Prime Minister this country has ever had.

Old Bag said...

indeed, houdini. whats with the ginger headed kid?..someone has been having more than a few bottles of goldtop off the milkman...

Fidothedog said...

Old Bag, its a amazing what one can produce with a turkey baster - claimed on expenses - and a few donations from Labour party members!