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Nick Cleggover has a blog.

I give it a week before it is moderated to buggery, adverse comments removed and becomes as censored as Paul Flynn's Read My Shit blog.

Or it may just vanish as suddenly as Ann Widdecombe off of Facebook!

Anyway here it is: http://nickclegg.wordpress.com/ 

Do pop over and join in with the many fine folk who are taking their ire out on the grasping hoon Clegg.

Nick has a few questions to answer on expenses
 and I have mocked him before for being a parasite.

Do take a look at Cleggovers blog, as he is being swamped with irate voters.

I do have a grudging respect in a way for him, it was either total stupidity or he really wanted to have lots of upset folk leaving comments.

It has been fun reading them.

2 people have spoken:

Old Bag said...

you called smeggycleggy a parasite?..thats a bit tame for you, dear..where is the love?..fling a few cunts into the mix.

Fidothedog said...

Old Bag, did not want to make the Cleggover cry.

Then again will pop back later and call him a cunt just for you.