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Ian Lucas - I bought my bed with your money.

Ian Lucas, an assistant Labour whip, made £45,000 profit when he sold a London flat on which he had claimed second home expenses.
Mr Lucas sold the flat, where he claimed about £1,000 a month in mortgage interest, for £250,000 in February 2007. He bought it for £205,000 in 2003. He claimed about £6,000 in fees incurred during the sale of the property, in Rotherhithe, south east London.
Mr Lucas, the MP for Wrexham, then claimed almost £4,000 for the cost of staying in hotels during three months in 2007. 

In September 2007, he bought a new flat closer to Westminster, for £345,000. He claimed almost £13,000 in stamp duty and fees incurred in the move.

He then spent £550 on a “hip hop” bed and extra firm mattress, and £838 on a sofa bed. Since then, he has claimed £1,325 a month for the interest on his mortgage.

He says on his webshyte: “I have claimed £1,388 for furniture for my one bedroom flat in London. This was over a five year period. I regard a bed as an essential item."

Yes and normal people Ian, have to buy beds out of their wages and few of the people are even lucky enough to get £64K a year basic, you utter cunt.

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