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Nick Brown claims £18,800 for food without receipts, after all receipts are just for little people not MP's.

Another snuffling pig rooting about for hard earned taxpayers cash to piss away on a champagne socialist lifestyle....
The man who has been put in charge of investigating questionable expense claims by Labour MPs also claimed £200 a month for “repairs”, £200 a month for “service and maintenance” and £250 a month for a cleaner, without submitting any receipts.
Between 2004 and 2008, Mr Brown, the MP for Newcastle East and Wallsend, claimed a total of £87,708 for his constituency home.

His mortgage interest repayments in 2007-8 totalled £6,600, but Mr Brown claimed a total of £23,068, just £15 below the maximum allowable amount for the year, by including £4,800 for food – the maximum allowable amount – £2,880 for “repairs and insurance”, £2,880 for services, £897.65 for cleaning, £1,640 for phones and £1,810 for utilities.

He did not submit any receipts in that year for utilities, phones, cleaning, services, repairs or food.

Of course we have to accept his "word" as to regards his honesty in these matters.

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