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Jacqui Smith is a cunt that may be arrested for fraud.

Hat fucking huge hat tip to flyingwarpigs for this story of the day. As well as the fine cuntstoppers pic. calling this inbred, bovine faced harpie a cunt.
BBC Pravda reports....Anthony Weaver, from Holborn in London, has applied for a summons before a district judge in Jacqui Smith's constituency in Redditch, Worcestershire. 

He alleges she defrauded the public purse of between £116,000 and £200,000 by claiming her main residence was her sister's London house.

Mr Weaver, 62, said he wanted to prosecute Ms Smith under Section 2 (1) of the Fraud Act 2006.
He appeared in court to try to start a private prosecution against the home secretary over her expense claims.

The judge adjourned the case, advising Mr Weaver to contact Scotland Yard.

"I am not going to grant or dismiss the summons," said district judge Bruce Morgan, sitting at Redditch Magistrates' Court.

"It is my belief that the course on which this should proceed is by you making a complaint to the Metropolitan Police and finding out whether or not they are prepared to carry out an investigation.

"If they decide not to do so, that does not deprive you of your right to come back to court."
Good, I hope that this evil robbing, authoritarian, bovine faced skank is crying into her kebab tonight. Oh and good luck to Mr Weaver, lets just hope that the plod responsible decides to press ahead.

2 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

I bet the Old Bill are loving this one!

Catosays said...

I can't see the logic behind the Judge's decision here. Presumably the applicant has some evidence, so why does he need to contact the Met?
Either the Judge should grant the warrant or not. He's talking through his arse. Applicant should appeal to next higher court.

More power to his elbow. Well done that man.