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Jackboot Jacqui Smith's secret police.

Jacqui sets up her schultzstaffel...A growing army of private security guards and town hall snoopers with sweeping police-style powers is being quietly established

Under a Home Office-run scheme, people such as park wardens, dog wardens, car park attendants and shopping centre guards receive the powers if they undergo training, and pay a small fee to their local police force.

Their powers include issuing £60 fines for truancy and dropping litter, and being able to demand a person's name and address on the street.

Under the Community Safety Accreditation Scheme, the number of civilians wearing a special badge, and a uniform approved by the local chief constable, has rocketed by almost 30 per cent in a year and there are now 1,406.

Critics claim Home Secretary Jacqui Smith is quietly seeking to create a third-tier within the 'policing family', with even less training and accountability than the controversial Police Community Support Officers. Also known as Blunkett's Bobbies or as I call them glorified dog shit inspectors.

The civilians are known as Accredited Persons, but they have been nicknamed 'Jacqui Smith's Irregulars'. The only significant difference between them and PCSOs is that they do not have the power to detain a suspect. Instead, they have to summon police.

Councils and other public sector organisations must pay between £300 and £315 to be accredited to the scheme, and between £35 to £90 per employee.

In the private sector, the costs are between £450 and £600 per employer, and £32 to £132 per employee. They are then given access to a hotline - to report their intelligence to the police.

Police forces are struggling to find funds to maintain the current level of around 142,000 fully-trained officers, and efforts to recruit more PCSOs - nicknamed 'Blunkett's Bobbies' - have also stalled due to a lack of funds.

Hitler said - One people, one empire, one leader
Jacqui Said - One kebab, one sisters bedroom, two porn films(plus a bathplug)

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