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James Purnell - Grasping hoon fleecing the public of their money.

James Purnell  is another evil New Labour scumbag who Brown selected to bully,abuse ,threaten and harass the poor while lining his pockets with dodgy expenses claims.
Purnell 'claimed expenses on flat partly paid for by his girlfriend'

James Purnell, the Work and Pensions Secretary, has been accused of "playing the system" after he claimed expenses on a flat to which his girlfriend allegedly contributed.

ames Purnell's expenses were approved by the Parliamentary fees office, but will add to the pressure on MPs to reform the controversial system.

The Cabinet minister and his former fiancée, Lucy Walker, reportedly paid half each of the £1,820-a-month rent for the apartment they shared in Covent Garden, central London until their break-up in late 2006.

But a Sunday newspaper alleged that Mr Purnell submitted claims under his taxpayer-funded Parliamentary allowances running to an average of £1,506 a month.


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