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Kitty Ussher - £20,000 house make-over

Her two-page note details 12 separate major repairs she hoped to have carried out on the home in South London, including the removal of a “bad taste” Artex ceiling.

Her use of allowances is highlighted on the third day of the Telegraph’s exposé of the lax expenses regime in operation at the House of Commons, which allowed MPs to claim thousands of pounds of tax payers’ money for costs most ordinary people are forced to bear themselves.

Her letter hogging taxpayers cash: cover pagepage 1page 2

Oh this is just getting better by the day, by better I mean of course fucking worse. 

Is it to bloody much to expect an MP to go in do their job, without their first thought being to sort out a fucking property empire built on taxpayers cash?

I always thought that politics was about resolving the nations problems, not a fucking game of Monopoly!
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