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Theresa Villiers - Stamp duty is just for little people, not MP's.

The shadow transport secretary spent most of her annual expenses allowance on the charges she incurred when buying the £345,000 property in Kennington, south London, in January last year.

She also has a house in her north London constituency of Chipping Barnet, which is just over 14 miles away from the Houses of Parliament.The house, a semi-detached property that she bought for £296,500 in May 2004, is an eight-minute drive away from High Barnet Underground station, from which commuters can reach Westminster in about 45 minutes.

She claimed £10,350 for stamp duty, £1,745.33 for a service charge and £1,499 for “product reservation fees”, which are charged to reserve a mortgage interest rate that is available for only a limited time.
She also used taxpayers’ money to pay for her estate agent’s £449.99 search fees, her £220 land registry fee and various other fees totalling £1,658. Since then she has claimed the £1,062 monthly interest charge on her £285,000 mortgage and other household bills.

In May last year she also claimed for a £164.50 plumbers’ bill she was landed with after water suspected to have come from her kitchen began leaking into a flat on the floor below.

**Another one to be fitted with a piano wire noose.
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Oldrightie said...

This is all very disgraceful but Jimmy Snotty seems to be enjoying it.

Old Bag said...

this is gonna run and run..there is no end of troughing cunts gobbling our money, the utter cocknuts.

love you pic!..however, you left out the queen of troughing: uber cunt jackboots.