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Labour lose vote on Gurkha's now threaten the regiment.

Typical activity from New Labour filth MP's at the behest of the cunt Gordon Brown.
The committee was told that the Government’s own (guess)estimate of the cost of allowing all Gurkha veterans to settle could be one third of the figure quoted by ministers. Martin Salter, the Labour MP for Reading West, said the estimates ranged from between £425 million to £1.6 billion.
Between £425 - £1.6 billion, bejesus can they not even work out a figure say to the nearest million quid? What the fuck is that, back of the fag packet maths? A guess, a stab in the dark, did they pick it out of the air? 

Seriously can you believe that. Go to any company for a quote on anything and they will work out a figure for you. Yet these loons can't even do that. 

How impressed would you be upon putting the car in for an MOT, that the quote was £1000, oh maybe it's £400, or maybe £50. Dunno mate have to get back to you on that.
Kevan Jones, a junior Defence Minister, said the next Gurkha campaign would be a demand for equal treatment on pensions, which would require a one-off payment of £1 billion and £500 million annually.
Sure about that Kevan are you? Did you dream those figures up as well or are they based on some factual working out on the back of a fag packet? Maybe they came to him in a vision on a mountain top, sorry forgot New Labour don't do God.

Then based on probable fag packet maths they mumble threats about the future of the Gurkhas.
Further financial demands could jeopardise the future of the Gurkha regiment, he said. “We want to ensure that we can continue to recruit to the brigade of Gurkhas. If that becomes unjustifiable we will have to balance that against other commitments to other regiments.”
He said that a deadline of the parliamentary recess, the end of July, had been set for the Government to come up with a new package after last week’s Commons defeat.

Just for the record Martin Salter was "absent" and Kevan Jones voted against the Gurkha's being allowed to stay. 

Compare these fag packet figures with the billions to bail out piss poor banks and its little more than pocket change.

2 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

Get a large chunk of the money by reclaiming the fraudulent 2nd home allowances from MP's and fat ugly muslim bangladeshi labour peers.
Then they could shut down the fucking potato marketing board and about 1000 other utterly useless quangos. Then stop giving foreign aid to countries that have enough money to fund nuclear weapon and space programmes. Then pull out of the EU,that would save enough money to buy every Gurkha a small ocean going liner.

Screech said...

I can see sales of piano wire going through the fucking roof before long, recession or not, i will be quite happy to put aside a few bob to buy some, i want a high C#.