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Swine flu Czar. Ian Dalton to be unelected hoon Czar, for colds an sniffles.

From BBC Pravda- soon to be funded by stealth taxing Google:
Government names swine flu 'tsar'

The government has appointed a swine flu "tsar" for England to deal with the threat of a pandemic.
Oh for fucks sake. Hoons, useless money pissing up against the wall hoons. 

Have we as a nation become so weak that we need some tosser giving us guidance on the fucking flu. We now have a "Czar" for sniffles, colds and runny noses. 

What next, a crossing the fucking road "Czar", a how to use a knife an fork "Czar"? Maybe a "Czar" for advise on taking a shit and the wiping of ones backside?

Can we start garroting New Labour scum now, someone pass me the piano wire.

3 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

Piano wire? If you're going to start with the tsar you ought to take him into a basement and shoot him.

Anonymous said...

This post if fucking hilarious and cracked me up! Says it all really.

Fidothedog said...

Very true anon, then bury for about 80 years or so.