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Lady Sylvia Hermon - The money was just "resting" in my account.

North Down Ulster Unionist MP Lady Sylvia Hermon has repaid £2,730 in expenses for rent on a London flat.

Lady Hermon said she was overpaid by two months rental allowance office during 2005-2006. She said she only discovered the error when she contacted the Fees Office on Monday. "Even though I immediately reimbursed the House of Commons with the £2,730, I remain profoundly upset and embarrassed," she said.

WTF? She gets £2,730 of our money, has had that for over 2 years an only now discovers this sad mistake.

If she is that upset let her pay it back with interest. Still a good spin on her part to show herself as the victim. 

Although she could have come up with a better excuse, as TV character Father Ted claimed that the money was just resting in his account...
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4 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

Oh sure, we all believe her dont we? Well, now she's burped out that amount, who else needs to cough up?

Scum-suckers, the lot of em!

Anonymous said...

When Kaylie Slag gets done for benefit fraud paying it all back is not good enough, she still gets done, two years suspended and an ASBO.

Old Bag said...

another day, another troughing cunt..there seems to be a never ending supply of them..absolutey, dispicable bitch..she can piss off too.

Fidothedog said...

Old Bag, its bloody endless. Cyclops needs to call an election now.

Keeping all these grasping hoons in power is only going to kick them all in the bollocks eventually.

Time to start over.