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Laura Moffatt - Grasping hoon MP.

Laura who looks like some transvestite version of Eric Morecambe and who has one of the lowest majorities in The House at a piss poor 37, still loves living high on the hog at taxpayers expense.

She put through monthly invoices for her accommodation until February 2008, as well as utility bills and council tax, by which time the rent had increased to £1,473.

The MP was also reimbursed £11,750 for food between 2005 and 2008 – claiming the maximum £400 a month allowed in 27 of the 36 months.

Well why pay for food out of her humble wage of £64,000 pounds when the hard working taxpayers can feed her?

She claimed £473.41 on furnishings and homeware after moving into the flat, as well as £399 for a television.

Miss Moffatt put through a Boots receipt for a £19.98 hairdryer but the Commons fees office refused to pay it because personal items are not allowable under the additional costs allowance .

She claimed £31 for linen and bedding but moved out a week later.

She wrote a note to the authorities saying: “Will be (or trying to) find a cheaper option by staying in hotels. We shall see!” Next month she put through a £120 bill for a night in Waterloo.

She is not shy of trousering public money either having cleared a cool £145,846 in expenses for the year 2006/07. Still in the words of the "glorious leader" she can feel our pain during these hard times whilst Gordon saves the world.

Although she is rather shy of the freedom of information as she voted to cover up MP's privilage in the House of Commons.

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