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Life in Soviet Britain:Eco dust crimes secretly filmed and reported.

A hat tip to Dickpuddlecote for this one. 

Still think that the UK is a free society? Well not any more and yet another instance of petty, bloody minded wankers in power as this article shows.
Restaurant owner facing fine for sweeping dirt into gutter

A restaurant owner is facing a fine after he was filmed by a Poole Council road sweeper - brushing dirt into the gutter.
Now gutters as we know are designed to remove dirt, still no doubt some eco-diktat has been enforced by some member of the authority's staff who suffers from small penis syndrome.

Aye up, look here be the local eco-loon, paid for by the hard working taxpayers for their oppression:
Shaun Robson, head of Poole council's environmental and consumer protection services, praised the unnamed road sweeper for using his initiative in order to "protect the people of Poole."
Yes folks I shit ye not, this fucking hoon claimed that brushing dirt off of the street into the gutter was a crime and worthy of punishment. Look at his own words.

"protect the people of Poole."

Tough on people attempting to clean, an tough on the causes of. Fucking lunacy.
He added: "They had the sense to gather evidence and supported their observation using their initiative, using their personal mobile phone to record the event.

"This falls within the normal range of enforcement activities that council staff carry out to protect the people of Poole and their environment."
Fucking hell, snooping an filming of the public falls under their range of enforcement does it. Utter cunts.
He said: "The officer was not conducting surveillance, they were rightly gathering evidence of a potential offence."
No you utter wanker, if one films and that film is used then you are conducting  surveillance. Look, I shall look it for them.
sur·veil·lance (sər-vā'ləns) n. 

1. Close observation of a person or group, especially one under suspicion.
2. The act of observing or the condition of being observed.
Hoons. We are ruled by utter hoons in possession of small minds and smaller penis's.

2 people have spoken:

Houdini said...

It would be interesting to know whether these road sweepers are on a bonus for catching people. What were they doing filming somebody when they should have been working?

Fidothedog said...

The bastard is a bin man, sorry cleaning operative not James fucking Bond.

He is paid to clean NOT spy.