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Life in Soviet Britain: Attacked for a cigarette.

Another sign of Labours Cool Britannia in action....After drinking just half a pint of cider, Jonathan Harper left his local pub in buoyant mood to pack his bags for a holiday flight the next morning.

Tragically he never made it home.

Just 200 yards down the road the 47-year-old 'gentle giant' was allegedly punched by a teenager after he refused to hand over a cigarette to a group of youths. He fell into the road into the path of a passing car.

Mr Harper was rushed to hospital but died later from multiple injuries.

Yesterday his family spoke of their devastation over the senseless killing involving children.

'We are just shocked,' said his brother Peter, 50. 'Jonathan has just become another statistic, a victim of another feral youth.

What was that arsewater that Chuckles Blair came up with, oh yes "Tough on crime, tough on the causes of...." - Total bollocks.

12 years and no prisons later, crime is out of control under the communist Labour party's rule.


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