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Lord Rennard another thieving cunt.

Lord Rennard, whose also taking the fucking piss with taxpayer cash...
LIB DEM campaign guru Lord Chris Rennard has pocketed £41,000 expenses on a holiday home—against House of Lords rules.
For peers to claim for second homes, their main residence has to be outside London. But we can reveal that he spends almost all his time in a house just TWO MILES from Westminster.

Lord Rennard—said to earn £90,000 a year as his party’s Chief Executive—claimed the £41,678 cash over six years from 2001/02.

House of Lords rules state peers can only claim overnight subsistence allowance—their version of the MPs’ second home allowance— if they live most of the time outside Greater London.

But Lord Rennard’s neighbours in Eastbourne, Sussex, say he seldom visits the £230,000 flat he acquired in 2007 after selling a pad in Wokingham, Berks.

One said: "We only see him a few times a year. We call him the Holiday Home Man."

A former advisor to the Lib Dems revealed: "His colleagues know he lives in Vauxhall — and has to, to do his job."
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